Building Permit System

Our aim is to make building compliance simpler, faster, transparent using Autodesk BIM360 Cloud software with online submission of 3D plans, Automated rule checking, Online viewing of 3D Plans, Online communication thereby making it a win-win proposition for all the stakeholders i.e Owners Architects, Town Planners, Municipalities.


  • To create a One-Stop Portal for getting No-Objection-Certificates from various Departments, submitting Documents / 3D Plans and obtaining Building Permit
  • To utilize power of Building Information Modeling and Cloud to develop an Automated Building Plan Review Software
  • To enable self-checking of 3D Building Plan on the cloud against Building Rules before submission to reduce revisions and save time for both Architects and Town Planners
  • To improve compliance by comparing as-built vis—vis as-permitted


Regency InfoTech had to overcome twin challenges in implementation of IBIM-APR:

Municipality / Town Planners : Architects :
    Reluctance to
  • Setup Inter Departmental Teams for NOC from Departments like UDA, Irrigation, Revenue, Registration
  • Move away from Manual Checking of Paper Drawing and in some cases Manual Checking of 2D Drawings using Desktop AutoCAD Software
  • Codify the Building Rules specified in different Government Orders, Memos, Internal Communications in a Central Repository Online and Update them in Real Time
  • Communicate with Architects and Owners Online
    Reluctance to
  • Train & Upgrade themselves from creating 2D Building Plans using AutoCAD to creating 3D Building Plans using Revit
  • Purchase / Subscribe 3D software like Revit even though it may bring savings in time and effort in the long run



Majority of building plans submitted are not code compliant resulting in high review costs, wastage of time and loss of revenue. IBIM-APR will ensure error free Building Plans are submitted by Architects so that Owners can start their building construction at the earliest.

Building Codes such as Setbacks, Heights, Permitted Floor Space Index, Number of Floors, Parking etc are codified and stored in Central Database-Oracle Spatial 12c. Building Codes are continuously evolving and storage in a Central Database benefits Architects as they can check for compliance of Building Rules using free service on the cloud and make revisions in Desktop Revit and repeat this process till all the deviations are resolved. IBIM-APR Web Service continuously monitors for newly submitted Building Permit Applications along with Revit 3D Building Plan and applies Building Rules automatically.

Town Planners, Architects, Owners can raise issues in IBIM-APR and resolve them through online communication such as Markups thereby avoiding need to visit Municipal Office physically and save precious time for everyone. More Importantly all communication is documented.

IBIM-APR will generate Online Challan specifying fee to be paid with a link to Online Payment and once payment is made, Building Permit is generated Online and emailed to Architect, Owner.

Town Planners can also use IBIM-APR on field using Tablets for Compliance by comparing as-built with as-permitted drawings.


Storage of Documents, 3D Plans, 2D Plans Autodesk BIM360 DOCS
Creation of Building Plans-3D, 2D Autodesk Revit 2019
Database Server Oracle 12c
Web Server Microsoft IIS
BIM Server Autodesk BIM360
GIS Server MapGuide
Development / APIs Autodesk Forge, ASP.Net, HTML5, Java Script, PHP


Municipalities Architects Owners
Faster Processing Y Y Y
Time Saving Y Y Y
Higher Revenue Y Y
Cost Saving Y Y Y
Better Compliance Y Y Y
Improved Communication Y Y Y


Regency InfoTech would like to incorporate the following as Phase II of IBIM-APR:

  • Self-Compliance of as-built with as-permitted by Architect, Owner using Drones for recording as-built
  • Traffic Analysis using GIS
  • Flood Analysis using GIS
  • Fire Safety Compliance using BIM
  • Green Building Code Compliance using BIM
  • Structural Safety Compliance using BIM