Services: Internet Of Things

Regency InfoTech provides IOT Services for Facilities Management by integrating data from IOT, Radio Tags, Wi-Fi Receivers with Indoor Facility Maps on Web / Mobile Viewer to enable Facilities Manager to monitor and manage mechanical equipment such as Lifts, Motors and electrical equipment such as Air Conditioners, UPS, Bio-Metric Devices.

IOT solves the following challenges faced by Facility Managers and Building Owners:

  • Cost Control – Manage the facility with less staff
  • Ageing Inventory – IOT helps Facility Managers with preventive maintenance using predictive analytics thereby stretching life of ageing inventory
  • Compliance – IOT helps Facility Managers by reducing incidents and sharing data with regulators for compliance audits
  • Security Management – IOT helps Facility Managements identify location of employees and send evacuation instructions to mobile devices with visual map for safe exit of the building
  • Stakeholder Experience – IOT helps Facility Managers with improved experience for Owners, Tenants and People working in the facility